RealeWriter (“Really Writer”)

by Unite for Literacy

RealeWriter will no longer be offered for download as of October 1, 2015.

Please visit our new free online library

What’s the best way for young learners to develop an understanding of scientific method? Get them involved as scientists themselves! This RealeBook describes these first graders’ first science experiment.

Shaun is not yet a year old, but he's already learning to swim. His Mom has written this RealeBook about Shaun’s first swimming lesson.


  • Lets children (and adults) of all ages create cool, educational picture books called RealeBooks (“Really Books”).
  • Lets you print books, and offers a medium to share them with friends and family digitally, via email.
  • Enables parents, teachers, and students to create and publish culturally relevant books that help other students develop reading skills.

Download RealeWriter 4 (4.0.1) for FREE!

The BAD news is that we no longer SELL RealeWriter, nor are we supporting it any longer. Everything still works as it has for the last 3 years, so we are pleased that if you find it useful, you may still download it, install it and use it. BUT....The GOOD news is that NOW WE GIVE REALEWRITER PRO AWAY FOR FREE! Yay for you!

When we say that RealeWriter PRO is available for FREE, we mean it. We are very excited for you to use the free version at home or in schools for as long as you wish!

To download the standard version of RealeWriter click one of the links above or follow the installation instructions here. Once you have installed the standard version, you can upgrade to the PRO version for FREE by following the instructions here.